P3T, Public Policies and Territory is promoted by Innovació i Consultoria en Polítiques Públiques and it aims to be means for research, reflection and discussion about the relation between public policy and territories. The scope of the review is mainly concerned with the territory not only as a physical space but also as the place where human interaction take place and where the economic, social and cultural interests become real.

P3T, Public Policies and Territory is also a communication tool for both the scientific community and professionals interested in public policies.


Eduard Jimenez, Fernando Barreiro
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Eduard Jiménez Hernàndez (Barcelona, 1959) is CEO of “Innovación y Consultoría en Políticas Públicas, sl” and editor-in-chief of P3T. He is graduated on Economy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Managerial Function certified at ESADE and post-graduated on Urbanistic Planning Management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He worked as a technician for the local administration (Sant Quirze del Vallès, Sabadell) and Research Chief Manager of CIREM Foundation, as well. He is specialized in strategic planning, economic and territorial development and transparency and accountability.

Fernando Barreiro Cavestany (Montevideo, 1949) is director member of Territorios y Organizaciones ®. He has many years experience and professional career in territorial development, local public policy and urban governance. He was Program Director at Barcelona City Council and Sant Boi City Council, and expert consultant of International organisms such as U.E.; OCDE, PNUD. He was expert on URBACT European Program and he is currently taking part in different local development projects of Latin America and North-Africa countries.


The “Edito” Section will appear in each Review number, and it will be the only section with a continued edition. The function of this section is to stimulate the debate between different items related to public policies, eventually, it could also present preliminary results of our own research without a peer review process.


La Edito aparecerá en cada número y siempre que lo estipule el editor, es entonces el único apartado de la revista de edición continuada. Su función es la de estimular los debates sobre varios elementos relacionados con las políticas públicas y, eventualmente, presentar resultados sintéticos de trabajos propios no sujetos a revisión.


La Edito apareixerà a cada número i sempre que ho estipuli l’editor, és llavors l’únic apartat de la revista d’edició continuada. La seva funció és la d’estimular els debats sobre diversos elements relacionats amb les polítiques públiques i, eventualment, presentar resultats sintètics de treballs propis no subjectes a revisió.

Full Text: PDF (Catalan) HTML (Catalan) HTML HTML (Español)